Even if you have thousands of photographs, you should jump at the chance to have a fall photo shoot too. Fall is a great time for memorable shoots with whimsical foliage in the background. Consider sunrise and sunset hours, they will bring soft light and gorgeous golden colors to your photos. The location really matters since the quality of your photos will depend on the place and background.

Couldn’t find the suitable equipment to take photos? More recently multicopter is very popular used for aerial photography. It can access 360-degree views. Locations like a grove of trees, corn field, heap of leaves or any place by the water, you will undoubtedly make those fall colors pop on your photos if you use it.

There are four kinds of fresh copter frame for your choice.

1.Quadcopter X465 Kit With Carbon Fiber MountBoard

2.Frame Mount for ST360 Quadcopter with 4pcs 8045 Propellers

3.X-CAM KongCopter 550 Frame X-BUG Alien Quadcopter/ Reptile Quadcopter AQ550 with 25mm Arm

4.Hummingbird HM650 Foldable Carbon Fiber Quadcopter/ Four-axle Rack/ Frame (superior to Tarot 650)3

What’s special about X-CAM Kong Copter 550 Frame, the new design of Xcam?


As you see, its drone frame is made of fiber glass with plastic motor mounts- aluminum arms. The motor mount supports 22-35mm diameter motors, especially one arm can be assembled 2 motors. That is amazing!

Durable connector of landing gear is easy installed &debugged, and bilayer structure of motor base supports X8 flight mode. It includes XA650 standard PTZ double pole connector, compatible with most of cradle heads.

It is Suitable for FPV leisure and Gopro aerial ect.



Imagine flying high above the stresses of the real world and getting lost in the wonder of the wide open blue sky. There is nothing more freeing than rising off the ground and soaring through the air.

You have the ability to do what so many people  have only dreamed of for thousands of years. All you have to do is click  here and fulfill your dream of escaping into the sky.

Whatever  you’re looking for, www.rc-model-airplanes.com has it. Beginners can find affordable electric ready-to-fly or RTF planes, intermediate flyers can find electric or gas powered almost-ready-to-fly or ARF planes, and experts can find all the tools and supplies they’ll need to build an R/C model plane from scratch.


And, if you’re looking for something exciting and fast, you can  check out some incredible RC jets in that section.


In  the entire world, there has never been a hobby that helped people to reach such  exciting heights.


The whole procedure can be generally divided into three parts: the body structure, power system and remote control electronic equipment.



First,The Main body structure includes:
1. Body material: The body can be made of light wood or foam,although it is more difficult to make by light wood,and the light wood cost much,it is also more advanced,
2. The fuselage surface material:If you choose the light wood to make the plane,you had better choose the Covering Film,as it is not only looks beautiful,but also play a role of strengthen the fuselage.If you choose the foam,you may choose Paint or stickers.



3. Landing Gear:At present, the landing gear on the market are mainly Carbon fiber materials and aluminum alloy material,There are also steel leg landing gear ,it is cheaper, when you choose the landing gear is mainly on account of the weight of the RC airplane and installation size.


4. Wheel:the wheel supporting the use of landing gear are divided into Rubber wheels, PU wheel and sponge round according to the material, they have different specifications, generally measuring the size in inches.If the airplane weights over 10KG,you had better choose the Rubber wheels, If the airplane weights under 10KG, you had better choose the PU wheel, If the airplane is smaller,you may choose and sponge round,which is more cost-efficient.






As for a player, I believe everyone know that the glue has a widely use when you install the RC model, such as RC Planes, RC Cars and RC Boats. It’s a necessary tool when building RC Models.


For example, the glue can be used when you Glue RC Tires. But do you know how to Glue RC Tires? Below are some information about this question.


Radio controlled cars are driven both indoors and outdoors by many hobbyists. The tires withstand plenty of pressure from the hairpin turns on the track, which is why the tires are normally glued to the wheel. Tires that are glued to the wheels have a smaller chance of falling off the rim, allowing the driver to push the car to its limits. Gluing the tires to the wheels will eliminate the driver having to make repairs while out on the track.



1. Clean the beads of the rubber tire with rubbing alcohol and rag to create a stronger bond between the wheel and tire during the gluing process. Run the rubbing alcohol and rag along both sides of the tires.


2. Insert foam inserts into the tire if desired. Foam inserts are sometimes added to cushion the tire, but are not necessary for most radio controlled vehicles. Cut the foam inserts at a 45-degree angle on both sides to make it easier to insert into the tire.


3. Push the wheel into the tire using your thumb to move the rubber tire around the wheel. The tire should be snug in between the tire beads.


4. Pull the tire gently away from the wheel to expose the tire beads. Apply a thin line of glue around the circumference of the tire. Allow the first side of the tire to dry for an hour. Complete the same process for the other side of the tire. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours before using the wheels on the radio controlled vehicle.


Wish these information can help you. Welcome to share with us some useful information or good experience during your installation and flying.


A thousand miles begins with one step. Tire is “feet” for people who love cars, and gradually into the coldest time of winter, snow and ice weather is not only a test for your technology of car playing, and also a test of the car itself. How to make your car to display the best performance in the winter game? Of course, inseparable from the normal function of the tire, the tire temperature at this time is very necessary.


G.T.Power tire warmer can help you to solve this problem. Making your tire quick warming. Saving your time and not wasting power. Using GTP temperature programming, there are 2 step, 3 step warming. It is also a lap timer. TemperatureRange: 20~80 degrees Celsius, 100 degrees Celsius.



One of the best Christmas gift for your growing children!


We know you’ve been looking for Christmas gift. Every year your children are very excited about their gift. Did you ever give the gift they are dreamed? Multicopter is popular in the world. We can see it everywhere. Certainly, they want to get one!



But the common big size of Quadcopter is not safe for children. Now super mini version is available .Coolest Christmas gift is here. More bang for the buck!


It is also suited for the new flyer of multi-rotors. Full function and low cost.

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One of the best Christmas gift for your growing children!


We know you’ve been looking for Christmas gift. Every year your children are very excited about their gift. Did you ever give the gift they are dreamed? Multicopter is popular in the world. We can see it everywhere. Certainly, they want to get one!



But the common big size of Quadcopter is not safe for children. Now super mini version is available .Coolest Christmas gift is here. More bang for the buck!


Have you ever wondered if what you know about RC car is accurate? Consider the following paragraphs and compare what you know to the latest info on RC car.


The race is long and you do not want to be left behind, do you? Have you any clue of RC cars and RC racing? Your answer may be on the affirmative. This is because RC racing is now becoming a prominent hobby around the world.


There are three types of RC cars available in the market these days – the Electric and the Gasoline powered and the Nitro RC cars. Electric powered RC cars are easy to run and maintain. They are also made quieter. If you feel like racing, you can simply plug in the batteries and run the RC car. As long as the parts are assembled, all you have to do just turn it on and enjoy the show. This is the reason why these RC cars are good for the amateurs.


However, if you wanted a car that spells performance and fun, you can go for RC cars that run on gas. These RC cars are faster and more functional than electric powered RC cars. Nonetheless, they are complex. They require hard work and maintenance. But they are more exciting, nonetheless.


Nitro RC cars will fill your need for speed. Using Nitro RC car comes in the consumer’s ability to make precise movements with the remote control. It also comes with a mechanism for early Herve Leger Crisscross Bandage pull out just like those found in lawnmowers.


No matter how skilled you using the RC car, you may need some accessories for your car sometimes. Not only we can provide the RC car, also the accessories for the car you have bought. Don’t hesitate to choose us. :-)



Passport is needed if you want to go abroad.

It isn’t comfortable to those holidaymakers who are canceling trip because they haven’t received their passports in time.

But Englander , Finlander and Swede is more lucky than others.

According to this information put together by GOOD Magazine ,UK passport holders have the best access to foreign countries in the world, along with Finland and Sweden. They can visit 173 countries using their passports, enjoying the visa-free access or simple getting a visa on arrival.

KUZA Protection Wing Bag is very necessary, when you bring your honey airplane for a holiday.

Is no suitable packing of RC airplane still bothered you?

Wings, tags and carbon fiber tubes are easy to be broken during the trip , especially driving trip. You will never worry about this problem after getting a wing bag. Both sides have a big size pocket which be used to hold the rear wings or other objects. In the front of wing bags , manufacturer designed a cylindrical tube bag to hold carbon fiber tube. These is a high quality software buffer layer which effectively prevent the wings from collide each other.

If your airplane need further protection, here it is—Propeller Protector !


Imagine flying high above the stresses of the real world and getting lost in the wonder of the wide open blue sky. There is nothing more freeing than rising off the ground and soaring through the air.

You have the ability to do what so many people  have only dreamed of for thousands of years. All you have to do is click  here and fulfill your dream of escaping into the sky.

Whatever  you’re looking for, sdshobby has it. Beginners can find affordable electric ready-to-fly or RTF planes, intermediate flyers can find electric or gas powered almost-ready-to-fly or ARF planes, and experts can find all the tools and supplies they’ll need to build an R/C model plane from scratch.

In  the entire world, there has never been a hobby that helped people to reach such  exciting heights.


DLA116-INLINE CNC Processed Inline Gasoline Engine/Petrol Engine 116CC for Gas Airplanes with Double Cylinders

Wow,New version DLA116 is coming !

Bigger pull,More stable and very small vibration,Mainly used for scale airplane and UAV ~

Compared with DLA116, the sound of DLA116-INLINE  is approaching to the sound of 4 cylindersengine.

If there was ever a time this abbreviation applied, it is now: O.M.G !

DLA engine is known as one of the most stable engines in existence, and now you can own  DLA116-INLINE with Double Cylinders !
You can get a spaceflight aluminum material and CNC precisely processed engine Body,and an original Walbro carburetor Carburetor.

DLA116-INLINE come with stable idle speed and performance ,and its pull force can be matched with 120CC engine.

Also included are original FAG from Germany Bearing,original  IKO Needle Bearing from Japan,space flight special material and CNC precisely processed Crankshaft.


There are many exhaust pipe in our company, such as Canister Muffler / Long Exhaust Pipe, Smoking Exhaust Pipe, Rear Exhaust Pipe, New Special Muffler Canister Set, Flexible Header etc. Sometimes maybe it’s a little difficult for you to choose them for your engine. Now I want to introduce some information more about these exhaust pipe we have. You can see clearly and simpler how to match these exhaust pipe with the engine.


1. DJ80-7 (Exhaust Pipe for DA85 DJ80 DJ85 Engines) – Suitable for DA85/ DJ80/ DJ85 Engines


2. 023030M-N (NEW EME Muffler Canister Set for DLE30 EME35 DLA32 GT26R GF26I or 20-35CC Gas Engine) – Suitable for DLE30/EME35/DLA32/ GT26R/ GF26I Engines


3. LY2000-W (Canister Muffler with Smoke Function DLE50 DLE55 DA50 GP50R DL55 EME55 EME60 DLA56 DLA58 DJ80 DJ85 Engines) – Suitable for DLE50/DLE55/ DA50/ GP50R/ DL55/ EME55/ EME60/ DLA56/ DLA58/DJ80/ DJ85 Engines


4. LY2000-N (New Muffler Canister Set With Smoke for DLE55, DLE50, DLA56, DA50, EME55 40-85CC Gasoline/Petrol Engines) – Suitable for 40-85CC Engines, such as DLE55, DLE50, DA50, GP50R DL55, EME55, EME60, DJ80, DJ85, DLA56, DLA58 etc. It can reduce noise when you fly the airplane


5. 023231M-W (Flexible Header for DLE50 DLE55 EME55 EME60 DLA56 DLA58 DJ80 DJ85 40-85cc Engines) – Suitable for 40-85cc Engines, such as DLE55 DLE50 DA50 GP50R DL55 EME55 EME60 DJ80 DJ85 DLA56 DLA58 etc


6. 023231M-N (New Special Muffler Canister Set for DLE55, DLE50, DLA56, DA50, EME55 40-85CC Gasoline/Petrol Engines) – Suitable for 40-85CCEngines, such as DLE55, DLE50, DA50, GP50R DL55, EME55, EME60, DJ80, DJ85, DLA56, DLA58 etc. It can reduce noise when you fly the airplane.


7. 123231M-WX (Flexible Header DLE100 DLE111 DLA112 EME120 DA100 DLA116 Engine * One Pair) – Suitable for DLE100 DLE111 DLA112 EME120 DA100 DLA116


8. 123231M-N (New Special Muffler Canister Set for DLE111, DLE100, DLA112, DA100, EME120 80-120CC Gasoline/Petrol Engines) – Suitable for 80-120CC Engines, such as DLE100, DLE111, EME120, DA100, DLA112, DLA116 etc. It can reduce noise when you fly the airplane.


9. 023232M-N (New Pitts Muffler Set for for DLE55, DLE50, DLA56, DA50, EME55 40-85CC Gasoline/Petrol Engines) – Suitable for 40-85CC Engines, such as DLE55, DLE50, DA50, GP50R DL55, EME55, EME60, DJ80, DJ85, DLA56, DLA58 etc. It can reduce noise when you fly the airplane.

Square-mouth shim suitable for 40-60CC Engines, and Round-mouth shim suitable for 60-80CC Engines


10. 700800M (Smoking Exhaust Pipe for DLE50 DLE55 DA50 GP50R DL55 EME55 EME60 DLA56 DLA58 DJ80 DJ85 DL50 Engines) – Suitable for DLE50/DLE55/ DA50/ GP50R/ DL55/ EME55/ EME60/ DLA56/ DLA58/DJ80/ DJ85/DL50 Engines


11. 203090M (Muffler Canister for RC Airplane/ for DLA112 DLE100 DLE111 EME120 DA100 DLA116 Gas Engine) – The muffler canister can be assembled with DLA112/ DLE100/ DLE111/ EME120 /DA100/ DLA116 Gas Engines. Imitated from KS and built in multi-segments silencing structure.


12. PM1800N   New Special Pitts Muffler for DLE50 DLE55 DA50 GP50R DL55 EME55 EME60 DLA56 DLA58 DJ80 DJ85 Gas Engines   Suitable for DLE50/DLE55/ DA50/ GP50R/ DL55/ EME55/ EME60/ DLA56/ DLA58/DJ80/ DJ85 Engines


13. PM1800 (DLE50/DLE55/DA50/DLA56/GP50R/EME55/EME55II Gasoline Rear Exhaust Pipe) – Suitable for DLE50/DLE55/ DA50/ GP50R/ DL55/ EME55/ EME60/ DLA56/ DLA58/DJ80/ DJ85 Engines


14. 203070M (New Designed Canister Muffler for DLE30 EME35 DLA32 GT26R GF26I Engines /for 23-35cc Gas Plane) – Suitable for DLE30/ EME35/ DLA32/ GT26R/ GF26I/ Zenoah 26CC/ CRRCpro26CC engines


15. PM1700 (Rear Exhaust Pipe for DLE30/GT26R/GF26I 26-35CC Engine) – Suitable for DLE30/EME35/DLA32/ GT26R/ GF26I Engines


16. 800800M (100-120CC Smoking Exhaust Pipe for DLE100 DLE111 DA100 EME120 DLA112 DLA116 Engines *2pcs) – The Smoking Exhaust Pipe can be assembled with DLE100/ DLE111/ DA100 EME120/ DLA112/ DLA116 Gas Engines.


17. 600800M (Smoking Exhaust Pipe for DLE30 EME35 DLA32 GT26R GF26I Engines) – Suitable for DLE30/ EME35/ DLA32/ GT26R/ GF26I Engines


18. 203068M (Rear Style Muffler Canister for DLE30 EME35 DLA32 GT26R GF26I Engines /for 20-35cc plane) – Suitable for DLE30/EME35/DLA32/ GT26R/ GF26I Engines


19. 350700M (Canister Muffler / Long Exhaust Pipe for MLD35/ MLD70 Gasoline Engine) – Suitable for MLD35/ MLD70


Wish these information can help you. If you want to know more information, pls go to our website www.sdshobby.com to have a look. All the installation size of these exhaust pipe has putted on our website. If you have any other question or better suggestion, welcome to contact with us! Thank you!






As we all know, the” heart” of model airplane – engine plays a very important role in the RC airplane.

Here I want to share something need to pay attention when you use the engine:

1. Although the engine is small, but the speed is very high. So, pay attention to safety, prevent accidents. The first step is to start the engine. There are many friends starting the engine using the starter, it is convenience to make the engine turn up. Especially for the people who are eager to fly it, starter is safe and convenient. we do not suggest friends using fingers to toggle the propeller to start the engine directly. It is much easier to be injured for a beginner to start an engine doing like this way.

2.After started, do not stand within the rotating range of of the propeller. You can not use a broken or an unbalanced propeller. Never using the metal propeller.

3.When storing fuel, do not put near hot places or fire. When you formulated mixture of oil and clean gasoline engine, can not smoke absolutely, and keep away from the smoking people.

4.Taking care of the engine. Do not start the engine indoors as much as possible , When non-essential, do not use high-speed continuous and avoid the inhalation of ether and gas.

For the maintenance , you need to pay attention to the following points :

1.you need to keep the engine clean inside and outside, and never let the dust, sand lime, paper, wood chips or other dirt into the interior. When the engine is not in use or after used, you had better use a clean paper or cloth to wipe the dirt outside and wrapped it well. while pls remember to use a cloth to wipe the model aircraft with a little gasoline or kerosene oil, then wipe with a dry cloth .

2.You’d better not fly in a lot of dust or sand on the ground or taking off;if you have to take off in the sand on the ground sometimes, you should pour some water, some thick pads or wood to prevent sand from entering the engine.


3.If possible, do not dismantle or less dismantle the engine.
4.It is important to choose the right tools, the right propeller, ingredients correct and clean oil.

5. For something you used them regularly with the engine, such as Oiling tools,tools and the plane, you need to keep clean. Maybe you can consider preparing a clean box for the oiling tools, don’t put it everywhere. Otherwise the dust will enter the engine when you oiled.

These are some advice for your reference, wish that will be helpful to you! Welcome to write down your idea and suggestion!


RC Airplane Propeller Safety

Propeller safety is very important and you should take all steps necessary to protect your self. All propellers will hurt you if you stick your finger in it while it is running. Just how much is determined by how sharp and heavy the blade is, and how fast the motor is.

Recently, there have been some new propellers on the market that are razor sharp reinforced nylon. These props, without a doubt, have caused many injuries and need to be handled properly.

What can you do?

So what measures can you take to be careful? Just like full-size aviation propellers, you should paint the tips of your prop blades a bright color that you can clearly see (see picture below). This way, when it is spinning, you can see the boundaries where you can’t go near the propeller.

You may not have known this, but when the propeller is spinning, you can barely see the safety zone around it. It blends in with anything behind it, so you could go and reach for something and seriously injure yourself.

Great news here: 6Star Beech Wooden Propeller with red painting at both ends like above pictures is designed from the respect of safety.

If you would not use the propeller for a litle while,you can also use propeller protector  to protect the propellers.

Ground Safety

When your airplane is on the ground, and is being started, you should use a chock. A chock is basically a wooden triangle that you put in front of your main wheel’s. This makes sure your plane doesn’t start moving until you remove the chock. A very important step in propeller safety .


RC airplane trimming is very important for a balanced flight. Trimming your airplane basically means you are adjusting the planes control surfaces to obtain the balanced flight performance you want. Control surfaces are any moveable airfoil that can be controlled by the pilot to change the aircraft’s altitude.

And if you don’t know what an airfoil is, it is a part or surface that’s designed to control the aircrafts stability, direction, lift, thrust, or propulsion. Some examples of an airfoil is the wing, propeller blade, aileron (flaps) or rudder. There are three different ways to trim your rc model airplane, which have listed them below. Any method would work fine.

The first method you could do is an in-flight trim. An in-flight trim is when you are in flight with your rc airplane, you could use your transmitter to correct any balance problems it is existing. Then, just remember what you had to do to keep it balanced, and correct the model as necessary after you are done flying.

The next RC airplane trimming method is a between flight adjustment. With this method, all you do is fly the plane, land it and correct what control surface is off balance, then fly again. Keep doing that until your model flies perfectly straight.

The next way to trim your model is the preferred way, and you can be sure it is done right. First, check for proper control surface movement. Next, you need to make sure the airplane is assembled properly, and is assembled the same way every time. Then ensure the fin is centered with the stabilizer, and the stabilizer is level with the wings. If it isn’t level, your model will be doing a lot of loops.

That is all you really need to know about RC Airplane Trimming. Enjoy the flight.


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5.1The International Labor Holiday




Dear Customers,

Happy International Labor Day! Kindly please be noted our office will be closed from 29th April to 1st May, 2013 for the International Labor Day, we will resume to work on 2nd May. If you have any questions or need any assistant, please leave message to us or send us email at sales@sdshobby.com, we will reply to you at the first time when we back to work. We sincerely thank you for your understanding and supporting on SDShobby for any inconvenience caused by that.

Happy International Labor Day!

5.1The International Labor Holiday

Thanks & Best Regards,



Hello Customers,

Good news!

EME60 Gas Engine New Arrival now!!

EME60 Gas Engine New Arrival now

EME120 will be arrived at our company the next week!

You can place the order now,if you have any question please contact our online service!



 Shenzhen International Model Exhibition — It will be the first model show in China after the New Year.
Shenzhen — It is the model production base of the world, 80% of the global model products produced to Shenzhen, China. You can find all you care model supporting products in Shenzhen.      What’s more, it’s more convenient for domestic and international buyers to inspect factories nearby and promote buyers to communicate directly with the manufacturers to discuss cooperation.
Shenzhen — It’s the forerunner of China’s reform and opening up, and it’s one of the most developed, the most modern cities in China.
Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the city center area with state-of-the-art facilities, complete supporting facilities.
Guangzhou Huiduo Exhibition Co., Ltd has been adhering to the service concept of “Find buyers for manufacturers and manufacturers for buyers wholeheartedly”. All the people will try their best to build the most professional and efficient exhibition platform of model industries.

Shen Zhen Model Show 2013_01 IMG_0299 IMG_0300 IMG_0301 IMG_0302 IMG_0303 IMG_0304 IMG_0310 IMG_0311 IMG_0313 IMG_0332 IMG_0330 IMG_0329 IMG_0321 IMG_0320 IMG_0318 - 副本 IMG_0316 IMG_0315 IMG_0314


SDSHobby Weekly Picks 2nd on every Friday will be the Newest and hottest electronics and the useful engine accessories & parts.If you are interest on the items,click on the picture directory,you will get more info.and buying tips and their price.

1.GPS Speed Meter for RC Car, Airplane and Helicopter

2.7S LiPo Battery LCD Tester & Alarm

3.Super 1-8S Digital Voltage monitor for Receiver (3.7V-30V)

4.1-8s Lipo Battery Voltage Tester/ Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm

5.Opto Gas Engine Kill Switch

6.RC Opto Kill switch W/ voltage monitor for gas engine

7.Ignition test kit for gas engine

8.Ignition Hall Sensor Test KIT

9.Iridium CM6 Spark Plug for DLE Engine

10.RCEXL 1/4-32 spark plug


Do You Have A glow plug Cross Wrench ?

glow plug Cross Wrench

Here is a Big Stainless Cross Wrench,it has plenty of other uses beyond removing glow plugs. We hit its Multipurpose,and sure it was the most Jack-of-All-Trades RC Tool.

1. Glow plug
As the name suggests, the glow plug cross wrench removes and installs glow plugs. The long end of the wrench reaches down into the head of a nitro engine where fingers don’t fit and where using the alternative — needle nose pliers — can be frustrating. Pliers don’t always maintain as good a grip on the glow plug as the wrench does. Additionally, some glow plug wrenches have little holes that hold and store spare glow plugs.

2. Ball joints
Found in multiple locations on an RC, ball joints on an RC come in various sizes. Instead of having a bunch of loose wrenches to sort through you can use a multi-purpose glow plug cross wrench with its different size arms, thus saving frustration and saving space in your RC tool box.

3. Tires
Most Ready-to-Run RCs come with a tiny little multi-purpose cross wrench that does everything that a good glow plug wrench does — except for fitting on glow plugs. But it can be way too small for fat fingers to grip. Put on and take off the tires on your RC more easily with the larger glow plug cross wrench.

4. Slipper clutch
Adjusting a slipper clutch is another job for the glow plug cross wrench tool. Turn the little nut on the spur gear to loosen or tighten the drivetrain.


Now a universal Spark Plug born, it can be used for Gas/ Petrol Engine DLE30, DLE55, DLE111, DLA56, DLA32, DLA112, EME55 etc.This is a Good news to share, and now the wholesale price is only US$5.34,it must be the spark plug king,and will be the top seller after Iridium CM6 Spark Plug for DLE Engine (US$6.59)

Oh,it is made by Rcexl,Rcexl CM6-10mm Spark Plug (only US$5.34)on sale on sdshobby.net.

Item ID Name Price Engine
ICM-6 Rcexl Iridium CM6 Spark Plug US$6.59 DLE
Rcexl-CM6 Rcexl CM6-10mm Spark Plug US$5.34 DLE30, DLE55, DLE111, DLA56, DLA32, DLA112, EME55 etc

Iridium CM6 Spark Plug


Rcexl CM6-10mm Spark Plug

Get it now, it is new arrival and sure fully stocked

 new arrival Rcexl CM6-10mm Spark Plug fully stocked


SDSHobby Weekly Picks June 2012

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SDSHobby Weekly Picks on every Friday Start From this week, it will help You pick out the newest and best deals on our website, Today we advance the Weekly Picks for the China Dragon Boat Holiday, and it is the First Weekly Pick, so the picks will be the best deal of April, May & June of 2012.You don’t have to worry about play and pay the order in tomorrow or this weekend, we will back work Monday and faster dispatch.

Dragon Boat Holiday activity

China Dragon Boat Holiday food

Here we go SDSHobby Weekly Picks June 2012

1.New Design 74in Edge540 30-35cc RC Model Gas Airplane/Petrol Airplane Carbon Fiber Version (Type D)
New Design 74in Edge540 30-35cc plane

2. 27% Scale Carbon Fiber Version Slick 540 50cc Gasoline Airplane(Color A)

Slick 540 50cc

3. WM 48inch Extra330LX SEPP Light Wood And EPP Combined With Reinforcement Structure Electric RC Model Airplane ARF Blue & Red & White

Extra330LX SEPP

4. VWINRC 600ESP Helicopter Tail-propeller Shaft Driving without Vice Wing Almost Ready to Frame

VWINRC 600ESP Helicopter

5.New Style RC Eagle Kite

New Style RC Eagle Kite

6. Kuza Pro Protection Wing Bag For All Scale Gas Plane in Yellow & Blue

Kuza Pro Wing bag

7.LED light for Night Flying

LED light for Night Flying

8.Combo MLD70 Gas Engine+ MLD70 Special Electric Starter

ombo MLD70 Gas Engine+ MLD70 Special Starter

9.Gens ACE Lipo Battery

10.Leopard Inrunner Brushless Motor for RC Cars and Boats

Leopard Brushless Motor


If you had visit our new communication Platform–SDSHobby Forum, you must have read the Threads Wilga 100cc Gas Airplane Picture Show we pre-show the new design gasoline airplane at the beginning of This Month(June),There are many customer pre-order Wilga 100cc with us. If you never read those thread and Now it is just the right time to show you again about this Wilga 100cc airplane, for today it is available, You can order now, we will ship them right now or next day, that according to your ordered time and ref. to our working hours.

OK show the best images for you one more time

Pink Wilga 100cc

Pink Wilga 100cc

Red Wilga 100cc

Wilga 100cc Yellow

white Wilga 100cc

parts of wilga 100cc


Wing span: 3000mm/118in
Length: 1945.6mm/76.6in
Wing area: 116.2sq.dm
Flying weight: 13.3kgs

New arrival Wilga 100cc Gasoline Airplane ARFfor sale in wholesale price: US$850.00,shop now!!


Selected Fuel Line,Fuel Dot,Fuel Filter,Fuel Plug,Fuel Pump for Blue Complex

Have you ever noticed that there are many things around us are in the color-Blue? Naturally just as the blue sky &blue sea; there are also many official marks are painted in blue; R&B, it is also a blue culture. Psychologically, the color blue makes people feel calm and relaxed; it can be strong and steadfast or light and friendly.

Your feelings about blue can deeply be personal and are often rooted in your own experience or culture. But if you are blue lover, here we present you a blue world of RC hobby.

Now you are enter a Blue Blue Blue world

*Fuel Filter Blue Color

*Fuel plug Blue Color

*Fuel Pump Blue Color

Fuel Pump Blue Color

*Power Switch with Fuel Dot Blue Color

*Fuel Line For gas engine Blue Color

Blue, the color of nature, people come with a synesthesia from the sea and the sky is the same remote, as a result, the eyes of the world, the simple blue have a kind of elegant and refined temperament. Anyway, Hope you love the Blue RC hobby we selected for you.


Most Thoughtful Gift for Dad

If you considering make a deal of gasoline airplane, we recommend the airplane combos(Airplane+Engine), combo price are Super value,and it is sure the Most Thoughtful Gift for Dad.

Here are the best combo deals we selected for you:
I. Combo Sbach 342 50cc gas plane Red/Black +MLD70 gas engine (AG309-A & MLD70)

Sbach 342 50cc & MLD70

II. Combo Mxs-R 88in 50cc gas plane 95 Yellow +EME55-II gas engine (AG324 & EME55-II)

Combo Mxs-R 88in 50cc& EME55-II

III. Combo Edge 540 74in 30-35cc gas plane Red +MLD35 gas engine (AG325-B & MLD35)

Combo Edge 540 74in 30-35cc& MLD35

IV. Combo Yak54 30cc Gas Airplane Orange/White +MLD35 gas engine (AG329-A & MLD35)

Combo Yak54 30cc& MLD35

Combos the best airplane and top level gasoline engine are Impressive package,it is sure can save more money.Dad will praise of you and your combo deals when he get this gifts.


Looking for a gift that truly touches your Father’s heart? But have no idea yet for Men can sometimes be the hardest people to buy gifts for. If you Dad are a RC hobby enthusiast, gifts for Dad in the coming Father’s Day will be will be easily found on sdshobby.net.

First of all, if it should be Practical…

The Most Practical Father’s Day Gifts on our website should be the HOT Sale 12 in 1 Soldering Iron Set, free shipping worldwide, only US$16.49

Hot sale 12 in 1 Soldering Iron Set,include as below:
12 in 1 Soldering Iron Set

* SDL-A801 30W Soldering Iron Gun Solder Weld Welding Irons 220V
Soldering Iron Gun

* SanLong Soldering iron Stand
SanLong Soldering iron Stand

* High Pure Non-Clean Active Soldering Tin Thread
High Pure Non-Clean Active Soldering Tin Thread

* Desoldering Pump

(1) High Suction Power.

(2)ideal for RC Electric element

(3)Light Weight
Desoldering Pump

*Nail Art Acrylic Gel Rhinestones Nipper Picking Tool
Nail Art Acrylic Gel Rhinestones Nipper Picking Tool

* Free Gift :
Free Gift in tool set
*Heating Element
* Soldering Accessory
(1) Using the end of a match or toothpick,apply a little soldering paste to the leads that will be soldered.
(2) Place the soldering iron tip over the leads. contact the solder against these leads.Heat the solder till it flows freely. then quickly move the soldering iron and solder away.

* The Rosin of HDB

* Disassemble Tool for Mobile.

Beside these gifts, you can get more Father’s gift idea here. Anyway the best gifts and most meaningful thing you can give your dad is the gift of you, you should spend more time together.


Father’s Day in 2012 is on Sunday, the 17th of June, it is time to rack your brains about gifts for Dad. Here SDShobby team try to share with you seven tips of the 2012 Father’s Day best gifts, and that are sure to make you dad a unforgettable Father’s Day in 2012.

best Gift for Dad

So here goes…
1. 2012 UEFA European Football Championship- Recently the most excited surging event is the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, you can buy a tickets to your daddy or watch live together with him, men and football are really born of a couple, so why don’t you gift your dad a happy time with this mate.

2012 UEFA European
2. RC Airplanes, Helicopters or Multicopter – Gifting your Dad one of the radio controlled vehicles would probably be the perfect solution to your gifting exertions. Be it RC airplanes or helicopters, you can be assured that you will find a wide range of choices at hand. Further, in case you think your Dad finds the prospect of remotely control and navigate scaled airplanes and helicopters a little less fascinating, you can consider gifting Gas powered airplane models which will adorn his workspace.

model plane flying

3. Instruction Classes of learning to fly real vehicles – If your Dad has had his share of flying RC vehicles, why not gift him the option of flying real airplanes or helicopters? The market is saturated with plentiful flying clubs and groups whereby you can easily gift him say a bunch of flight simulator classes or perhaps even an actual afternoon of some real flying experience on board a real airplane or helicopter.

4. Electric Boat – It is hotter now this summer, water sport is the coolest outdoor activity. Electric RC Boat make an excellent gifting option for guys, given the breathtaking variety in which they come. Well-known brands such as Genius or princess offer you wide selection of Boats to choose from. These Boats can in fact be much more than decorative items only!! For instance, hobbyists actually relish the opportunity to work on their Boats extensively, building them, designing them in a unique theme along with scenes that are reminiscent of these themes and so on. Not only that, these Electric Boats can in fact be the perfect item to be running near the lake, river, or seashore near your house.

5.Binoculars and telescopes – Whether your Dad is the serious amateur astronomer, a bird watcher or a naturalist he will definitely appreciate these gifting options of high quality binoculars and spotting scopes or classic telescopes. There are many brands available to choose from at your local electronic shop or on the internet.

6. Sports Memorabilia – Today, you have a veritable range of sports memorabilia items on offer that men not only find just too hard to resist, they also simply drool over them! Take for instance, a picture frame or a sports item such as a soccer ball or a cricket bat that has been signed by your man’s favorite player.

7. Enrollment in a Photography course – If your Daddy already has the hot for photography but at the same time does not quite have the professional finesse about him as a photographer par excellence, why not have him enrolled at a suitable camera and photography course? He can learn how to create exiting and interesting composition or just share his hobby with a group of people with the same enthusiasm. And he is also can use immediately to make his Father’s Day in 2012 unforgettable.

As a final note to our above mentioned listing, don’t forget that these gifting ideas can be just as pertinent when it comes to Dad’s birthdays as well, especially, If your dad are RC models and aviation enthusiastic; so do not hesitate to make their special day that much more special with these snazzy and unique birthday gifts, SDSHobby is here to give you the best selection.


There are many DIY genius of flyer, and the masterpiece came out in perfect built and is usually fly wonderful, especially those fly by remote controlled. recently just at the beginning of june,2012,the most valuable DIY flyer is Orvillecopter


Orvillecopter, is a work of art transforming a dead cat into a remote controlled helicopter, and was presented at Amsterdam’s KunstRai art fair.

Orvillecopter were created by Dutch artist Bert Jansen after his pet Orville was killed by a car. According to media reports, Jansen kept Orville’s body in a freezer for about six months, before taking him to a taxidermist and attaching a plastic propeller to each of his four paws. Then he put a remote control engine inside the stomach of the cat, and after a few false starts, the “Orvillecopter” achieved lift-off. It did take Jansen a while to get his Orvillecopter to work, as a series of YouTube videos shows. But after a few engine updates and a new speed controller, the Orvillecopter was in good flying form, as you can see from the video below.

The flying cat, has also been heavily criticized by Dutch animal lovers, and has surged by almost 10-fold after generating both headlines and criticism worldwide. In Jansen’s case, it was reported that he decided to turn Orville into an aircraft because his pet cat and its brother Wilbur, which is still alive, had been named after the Wright brothers Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright who invented and built the world’s first successful plane.

In my opinion, Criticism can’t stop DIY genius creative awesome flying model, after Orvillecopter, there will comes more cat helicopter or hovercats, LOL!

cat helicopter/hovercats

Read More:



Check your favorite quadcopter and multicopter accessories on our website

Propeller for DIY quadcopter


The rarest predictable solar event just took place today–the planet Venus across the face of the sun. Here’s a state of why the Transit of Venus 2012 is the rarest predictable solar event?

Transit of Venus 2012

Venus comes between Earth and the sun five times in the course of every eight years, but because of the inclination of the planets’ orbits, Venus usually misses passing over the sun’s disk, as seen from Earth. In fact, that passing-over phenomenon occurs only twice in the typical person’s lifetime. We had a Venus transit in 2004, and we’re having another one today. The next one won’t come until 2117.

telescope watch venus

Make sure to safely watch such a rare solar event; you should use a telescope properly.

Projecting the sun’s magnified image through binoculars, or better yet a telescope, on to a white card or screen is relatively safe and can be used for group viewing. For serious transit observing, a telescope with a full-aperture solar filter is much better. These filters are attached to the side of the telescope that faces the sun, not the side facing your eye.

The transit should be watched only with an appropriate solar filter — a solar filter that is sold by a reputable outlet of astronomical equipment. If your telescope comes with a filter those screws into the eyepiece, discard it immediately! These filters have been known to crack under the intense heat of the sun’s magnified image.

Lastly, never look at the sun directly through your telescope, even through your finder scope. It is strongly advisable to cover the finder before the transit, so as to avoid looking through it accidentally.

Somebody recently asked if they could look at the sun through their telescope while wearing a pair of “eclipse glasses” – special filters mounted on cardboard eyeglass frames. The answer is absolutely not! Such a filter is for naked-eye use only! If you try looking through the eyepiece of binoculars or a telescope while wearing these glasses, the concentrated heat from the sun will almost certainly melt a hole through the filtering material, allowing a sudden burst of dazzling sunlight to reach your eye.

Before I share this tip, there are many scientist and skywatchers had made plan for the transit of Venus today, and they did captured many stunning view. Just enjoy my collection:
Transit of Venus 2012

Transit of Venus 2012

Transit of Venus 2012

If you wanna select your own telescope to observe other planet event(like the supermoon on last month) and watch the sky,check out directly on sdshobby.net,


Hi, guys, Today it is SDSHobby New Big Sale –20% off of servo arms for the top brands servos(Futaba, JR, Hitec). WOW! Before we make this big sale, the wholesale price had been lowered to the bottom price(5~12usd), and now we provide the additional 20% off, WOW! Take a Look of those servos and the discounted price to do better option.

High Quality Servo Half Standard Arm for Futaba,JR, Hitec

High Quality Servo Double Standard Arm for Futaba, JR, Hitec

New Aluminium Alloy Heavy Duty Servo Horn-full Arm for Futaba, JR, Hitec

Heavy Duty Double Servo Arm for Futaba, JR, Hitec for 30-50cc plane

Servo Arm for Futaba, JR, Hitec

But pls be sure again you learn the key different of JR servo, Futaba servo, Hitec servo. Just read about the number of teeth in various servo brands.
A standard JR servo spline has 23 teeth.
Most Hitec servos’ spline has 24 teeth (standard, mini, micro).
A standard Futaba servo spline has 25 teeth

servo arm specification

These servo arms maybe applied for other servo brand that are either rebranded Hitec or Futaba servos, if you are not really sure, ask for help with us,or check more directly of all the servo arms,and Purchase now!.


Do You and Your Kids Enjoy RC Cars Together Today?

Children’s Day comes once a year,it is the best time to enjoy the happytime with them. and it is better to gift a presents for the children. if you are a enthusiasts of RC hobby,you can think of the following cars I recommend Today :

RC Firelap 1/28 2WD RC Ferrari Enzo
Firelap 1/28 2WD RC Ferrari Enzo for kids

Firelap 1/28 2WD RC Ferrari Enzo with 2.4G Lcd Transmitter

1:28 digital proportional RC car together with the 2.4G LCD transmitter
Players can upgrade the performance of the car by applying any other aftermarket parts and other parts for kyosho Mini-Z MR02.
Without the need to manage frequency bands, 2.4GHz transmitter is fully equipped for the intensity of competitive racing.
Size: 126*76 *35mm
Weight :around 130 g
Ground clearance: 4mm
Chassis color optional: yellow, red, white, black (send it out at random)

Here are more selection of the best RC cars for your kids. It is then newest design and new arrival in stock of sdshobby, check back in my previous post

Firelap 1/28 4WD Racing Cars


The aviation’s genuine classics models just mentioned in my prior post, it is the Dynam 1270mm T28 Trojan EPO Warbirds. Let’s analysis for there are so many people buy this EPO Warbirds, and this is also the fun of this T28 Trojan

Retracting the Landing Gear
Sweetest feature of Dynam T-28 Trojan is retracting the Landing Gear, I Would like to share a Retracts demo from Dongskie

Park Flying
Many pilots regard this scale T28 Trojan as trainer/sport plane. Yeah, actually some of them buy this for park flying, because they too busy to the flying field, so this makes this T28 Trojan to be a great gift.

Aerobatic Capable
This is a great looking model that is aerobatic capable and will be just as happy performing as a sport plane as it will a scale model, tough, practical, well equipped and cheap to put in the air, the ideal all rounder! It is slow, but some of those enthusiasts of T28 Trojan can push the Dynam Trainer to faster speeds of up to 50 mph! Performance improved again

This scale T-28 Trojan Warbirds made from a high strength EPO-foam for added durability. Powered by a high powered 850KV electric brushless motor and an 11.1v li-poly battery pack that provide up to 20 minutes flight between for each charge.

grey t28

There are SIX VERSIONS of T28 Trojan on SDSHobby.net

T28 Trojan EPO Red With Retract Landing Gear Left Hand Throttle Ready To Fly 2.4G RC Brushless Version

T28 Trojan EPO Red With Retract Landing Gear Right Hand Throttle Ready To Fly 2.4G RC Brushless Version

T28 Trojan EPO Grey with Retract Landing Gear Almost Ready to Fly Brushless version (W/O Remote Control and Battery and Charger)

Get More version go and visit sdshobby


Any small scale representation of a full size airplane is considered to be a model airplane. A number of different varieties of model airplane exist for many different purposes: some are simple plastic models made to be showcased on home mantelpieces, while others are gas or battery powered versions that can actually fly. Today we talk about those are battery powered versions which can fly via remote control.

scale model rc airplane

The yellow Piper J-3 Cub, Dynam A-10 Thunderbolt II, T-28 Trojan and Meteor 70MM EDF are the aviation’s genuine classics.

I. Piper J-3 Cub (1200mm)

There was a time when the general public thought that every airplane flying was either a DC-3 or a Piper Cub. More than 20,000 Cubs were built between 1937 – 1947, and for years after that it was the most commonly seen airplane at airports all over the country. Forgiving flight characteristics, light wing loading, and hands-off stability made it perfect for America’s weekend pilots. The Cub design is ideal for R/C flying and makes an excellent first-time project.

Wingspans: 1200mm (47in)
Overall Lengths: 1010mm (40in)
Wing loading: 40.5g/dm2
Flying weight: 1150g (40.6oz)
Servos: 9gX4
ESC: 30A
Motor: KV850 Brushless Outrunner
Materials: EPO

II. Dynam A-10 Thunderbolt II (1080mm)

The Dynam A-10 Thunderbolt II also known as the Warthog is an American single-seat, twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraft designed to provide close air support of ground forces. It was the first USAF aircraft designed exclusively for close air support. The Dynam A-10 has superb maneuverability even at low speeds and altitude; this is due to its large wing area, high wing aspect ratio, and large ailerons. This design also enables short takeoffs and landings, allowing it to operate from the smallest and most basic airfields. This model gets power from two Electric Ducted Fan Motors and it comes 90% Ready to Fly. All Servos, receiver and other electronic are preinstalled from factory. Like all the planes in the Dynam range, the Dynam A-10 is finished in the factory to a high standard and represents an excellent replica of the real aircraft.

III.T-28 Trojan (1270mm)

Wingspan: 1270mm
Fuselage Length: 1000mm
Wing loading: 50g/dm2
Flying weight: 1350g
Servo: 9gX4
ESC: 30A
Motor: KV850
Material: EPO
With Retract Landing Gear

IV. Meteor 70MM EDF (910mm)

Dynam Meteor is a High Speed 70mm EDF Sport Jet. The airplane is constructed by EPO and it is Pre-Painted from the factory. All servos, receiver, 70mm Fan and the ESC are Pre-Installed on the model. This airplane is designed for High-Speed flying with a powerful Brushless Electric Ducted-Fan. The Fan Unit is very well constructed for High-Performance flying. This model is absolutely one of the fastest EPO DF-Airplanes in the Market. The RTF version comes with 2.4GHZ radio, Receiver, 70mm Brushless EDF, 60A ECS, Servos, 4S 2600 Li-Po and Li-Po charger. The PnP version comes include everything you need to fly the model Except Transmitter and Receiver. The Building time is around 45 min

These RC Foam electric airplane are constructed by EPO, EPO is durable, flexible, lightweight, and adhesive-friendly foam.The EPO foam is a great all-around performer for your airplane.

There are more classical models such as cessna 182,cessna 550,pitts model,skybus,sitfire,extra 330,p51 mustang… you can check all of them on sdshobby.net. No matter you want to buy the kit or ARF model, color in blue or red,left or Right Hand Throttle, SDSHobby all supply the best service and best price for you.


Electric RC Models were looked upon as mere toys in the past. But now a RC model powered by light weight energy dense Lipo batteries along with powerful efficient brushless motors can now run neck-to-neck with their glow powered cousins when it comes to power and longevity.

Choosing an RC electric motor for your RC Models isn’t quite as straight forward as ordering the recommended size glow engine. All the different brands, sizes, and specifications can make choosing a motor quite intimidating if you’re new to the hobby.

Understanding the basic fundamentals outlined here is essential for choosing a suitable motor for your models. the more experience you have tinkering with different setups, the more confident you will be when choosing RC electric motors for different types and sizes of RC airplanes…Now just go and learn here

Motor Specifications
When shopping for RC electric motors, you will need to understand what the following specifications mean.

Voltage Constant
Kv is the “Voltage Constant”. This is how many RPM’s the motor turns for each volt applied. Actually, it’s a tad less because motors aren’t 100% efficient.
For example, if you apply 12volts to a 200Kv motor, it will turn at just under (12 x 200) 2400 RPM’s.

Torque Constant
Kt is the “Torque Constant”. For all motors, Kt= 1355/Kv. You’ll have to ask someone smarter than me where the 1355 comes from, cause I don’t have a clue! Just accept it for what it is.
In a nut shell, this means the faster the motor spins for a given voltage (Kv), the lower the output torque will be (Kt).
Outrunners brushless motors generally have a lower Kv, which in turn produces more torque at a slower speed for spinning those larger props. The opposite is true with inrunners brushless motors

No Load Current
Io is the “No Load Current”. This is the amount of current it takes to spin the RC electric motor with no prop.
For example, if your motor is pulling 25Amps, and the Io is 2Amps, then you really only have 23Amps turning the prop.

Terminal Resistance
Rm is the “Terminal Resistance”. This is the internal resistance of the motor measured in Ohms. The higher the Rm, the less efficient the motor is.

Current and Power
The maximum current and power is what determines how large of a prop and what size plane can be used with the motor. Simply multiply the current by the battery voltage to get power.
The larger the propeller’s diameter and pitch, the more current the RC electric motor will draw for a given RPM. For example, the 200Kv motor will run at 2400 RPM’s regardless of whether it has a 10×6 prop or a 11×5 prop. But, the 11×5 prop will cause the motor to draw more current. Drawing too much current will destroy the motor.

How much power do you need?
The manual for most ARFS and kits these days make it really easy for you by recommending a specific motor. For marketing purposes, they will obviously recommend the specific brand of motors that they are affiliated with. If you’d rather use a different brand all you have to do is find another motor with comparable power and KV rating.
If you don’t have this reference, or are working on a glow to electric conversion, then you’ll need to estimate how much power you will need. It is accepted by most in the hobby that 100 Watts/1b is a good “estimate” for the power required for an average sports/aerobatic RC airplane.
If you plan to fly high alpha 3D maneuvers you would want to bump that up to maybe 150-200 Watts/lb. You may want to lower this number for a high lift trainer type airplane. But 100 watts/lb is a good starting point if you going at it blind.

What ESC to use?
Once you have chosen a suitable RC electric motor for your Models you will need to choose the battery and electronic speed controller. Choosing an ESC is rather straight forward. Remember that an ESC made for brushed motors can’t be used with brushless motors, and vice versa.
You need to choose an ESC that has a higher power rating that the maximum current the motor can pull. The ESC you choose also must be rated for the voltage of the battery. More than likely you’ll be using Lipo batteries, so you will want to make sure the ESC has a Low Voltage Cutoff.

Sizing the Battery
One of the quickest ways to damage a battery is to pull too much current from it. Every battery pack is rated for a maximum amount of current which is determined by the C rating. The C rating multiplied by the capacity of the battery gives you the maximum discharge rate of the battery.
When choosing a battery it is crucial that you choose a battery pack that has a higher maximum discharge rate than the maximum current draw of the motor.


A Bite of China (7 Episodes HD Docu.)

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The latest seven-part high-definition documentary offers insights into the geographical, historical and cultural dimensions of what Chinese eat had spead to world,it is called “A Bite of China” (舌尖上的中国), The program is sure to attract many people of the world, and the docu aims to help global audience not only appreciate the beauty of Chinese cuisines, but also learn Chinese customs and social realities,which is really helpful to understand China better.

A Bite of China

Hope you like this,now watch and enjoy these HD documentary!

Gift of the Nature – A Bite of China E01 HD

Story of the Staple Foods – A Bite of China E02 HD

Inspiration of the Conversion – A Bite of China E03 HD

The Taste of Time – A Bite of China E04 HD

Secret of the Kitchen – A Bite of China E05 HD

Five Harmonic – A Bite of China E06 HD

Our Field- A Bite of China E07 HD

It is reported A Bite of China Started shooting from March, 2011, it is the first good-sized and high definition delicacy newsreel at home. The shooting sites cover 60 domestic places, with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan included. Then A Bite of China with English subtitles will come out later, I am sure


There are many airplane enthusiasts-RC pilots carry the wings of their aircraft in the car and out to the field with the wing bags or other wing carrier. It looks like this has been a fashion just before they start flying. Wing bag is indeed a great way to protect your aircraft.

Purpose of using wing bags:
Protect your valuable wing panels!
Keep it clean and organized!
Easy to carry in the car or out to the field!

Featured of KUZA Pro Protection Wing Bags:
The wing bags here are new design!
Wing Bags with optional Shoulder straps.
Hanging the wings on a wall is OK.
Full zipper lets bag to open flat to allow easy storage and removal of wing panels.
Bags for single or double piece R/C airplane wings are available.
Wing Bags with optional size for different scale planes.
Bags made with the quality that you deserve but are still extremely affordable

Hundreds of wing bags just fill in stock in 2 colors( Blue, Yellow),price are very reasonable according to size (15CC to 150cc)of your aircaft( us$24.67~70.92).This is absolutly a great investment for its practical and low price, if you need more fashion designed wing bags for other RC model likes Biplanes, Jets, Gilders, and Sailplanes or RC car, please contact us.

Enter Our Site


HD Video Guide is one of SDSHobyy service,this time it is about How to Use the New Mini Servo Sectionboard Power Box for gas plane with 30A UBEC,item ID:PB5004.Hope this would help!


SDSHobby Corporate Travel to Qingyuan on last Friday and Saturday(18th and 19th of May,2012), we all had a good time. we are sorry to delayed in broadcasting this activity, and now we are speed up processing orders and delivery packages.

We are glad to share our happy Travel to all.

SDSHobby Corporate Travel

Qingyuan view

SDSHobby Corporate Travel

Qingyuan was honored “Hometown of Drifting in China”, “Hometown of Hot Spring in China” and “Hometown of Dragon Boat in China” by China. On Friday We all experienced these hotspot, Drifting, Valley stream exploration and climbing Bijia Mountain at daytime and enjoy the hot spring at nighttime

sdshobby Active staff are shooting

sdshobby staff Kongfu show

sdshobby Active staff are boating

SDSHobby Corporate Travel

Legend Of Qingyuan

The Next day is a exploration of another Original ecological scenic spot, ship travel of the mother river of Qingyuan, and the last program is grass skating, which make everybody’s perspiration came down like raindrops.But it is really fun.

Double rainbow

During the return journey it is thunder shower, but when we arrived at Shenzhen, it stops raining, a Double rainbow jump in to our sight. So lucky we are, and so lovely of the weather in Shenzhen.

It is Perfect journey! Now we are very happy! So we will do our best in speed up all the dispatch.


Conversion Combo Kit for 30-35CC Gasoline Airplane Converted to Electric Airplane, yet the best Conversion component now Exclusive Sale on sdshobby.net

Application Fields:
Special made for 30-35CC gasoline airplane converted to electric airplane.
3inch spinner are designed for the general 30-35CC airplanes.

Basic Equipment for the Conversion Combo Kit:
* Motor: 6350 370KV Brushless motor
* ESC: Brushless 100A (without UBEC output)
* Spinner: Carbon Fiber Spinner 3inch, 1pcs
* Electric Prop: Wood propeller 20*8 inch
*Servo: Digital Servo 60g/9Kg Torque* 3pcs,
Digital Servo 25g/4Kg Torque * 2pcs, (for elevator)
* Servo Arm: metal arm*5pcs
* One Set Mounting Post for Motor
*One Set Banana Bullet Connector: ¢3.5mm*3 pairs, ¢6mm*2 pairs

Why Converted model with gas engines to electric motors?
*There are a lot more kits designed for gas power than for electric power. Face it!
*Nearly any gas plane can be converted to electric power effectively. That’s Fine!
*There are many pilot have been flying and building radio controlled airplanes, helicopters, boats and cars for near half life. I have been specifically building and flying electric airplanes for over 10 years. Latest interest, follow it!
*This has been more realistic to do lately because of the huge leap in battery technology and it has been a very fun way to still make balsa kit planes from scratch, but not worry about any gas problems. Trust it!

Here’s an idea of what to look for:
Type of plane: Any plane with ‘plenty of wing’ makes an excellent choice for conversion since the wing loading will still be reasonable even if the plane turns out a little heavy. If the plane will fly at high speeds (i.e. a sport-aerobatic design or pylon racer), a low drag design is desirable. Simply put, an effective electric plane is one that flies nicely at 1/3 to 1/2 throttles.
Type of construction: Most gas planes are hideously overbuilt. Many popular ‘easy to build’ kits make use of heavy plywood fuselage sides etc where it is not needed or wanted in an electric. Some kit designs are better than others.
If you have a basic understanding of how model planes work, this process is straightforward. It is important that you understand the basics of power-to-weight ratios and balance points

It’s obviously can sure that there are some Gasoline Airplane excellent choice for conversion, one of them is the classical sbach 30-35CC Gasoline airplanes, and sdshobby make a another deal for rc model enthusiast– Conversion Combo Kit for 30-35CC Gasoline Airplane Sbach Series Converted to Electric Airplane


RC Eagle Kite is pretty much what it sounds like. That is, a kite shaped like a big eagle fitted with RC (radio control) receiver and pulled through the air with a propeller. In structure, it has a lot in common with kites and yet it is flown around like an RC plane.

Flying objects created from eagle in the past is constructed of carbon fiber has an angle of the wings right to exploit the wind. That is still enjoy an enthusiastic following today, particularly in the U.S. .But today the New Style RC Eagle Kite we recommend is sure the Most Realistic RC Eagle

New Style RC Eagle Kite is just the best expose on Hobby Expo China 2012, and well, my first reaction to this flying object is “That really looks like fun”

New Style RC Eagle Kite on Hobby Expo China 2012

So what exactly can an RC kite do? It can…
*Float around like a glider, with the motor idling
*Perform all the basic aerobatic maneuvers like a light aircraft
*Hang on the prop’ in hovering or very slow flight, nose high in the air
*Zip around pylons like the Red Bull racers

*I should add, only a well-trained pilot can do all the above!

Here is a few basic specs &Features of this New Style RC Eagle Kite:

*Wingspan: 2060mm
*Length: 740mm
* Wing area: 93d㎡
*Flying weight: Approximately 645g
* Control distance: 500m-800m
* Fuselage & wings: Bamboo wood & Textile

*Nice appearance. High scale appearance and beautiful painting, Most Realistic RC eagle!
*Environment friendly material and Durable, lighter structure.
* Wings and Motor mount is removable and foldable, Very convenient to carry.
* Easy to control and fly, Easy to learn and control
*Excellent gliding performance

Particularly suitable for flying at the hill, grassland, field and park etc…

New Style RC Eagle Kite

The New Style RC Eagle Kite is NOW available and on sale at SDSHOBBY for the most low price. (ARF for us$ 125.83; RTR for us$ 166.67, hand throttle are optional), it is sure this Most Realistic RC eagle kite will spread a lot of pleasure to both the fliers and those looking on.


The biggest full moon of the year,a so-called Supermoon on Saturday has come and gone. There are many people noticed they had missed seeing the dazzling lunar. Some people were too busy indoors to see the Supermoon, and in some areas, weather got in the way. Some people were happened to outdoors and noticed the moon are super full, but there is no a camera or telescope available. But there are still many skywatcher enthusiasts snapped the best moment of the Supermoon via their telescope, and now those photos are coming into force by people from different areas. No matter which part of the planet the photos came from, they look pretty dramatic. Below are just some of my collection photos from friends and some are really shock



super full moon

super lunar


Below is the HOT Skywatcher must-have Astronomical Telescopes, they are on sale by SDS Hobby:

Skywatcher High Configuration 7-21mm Eyepiece Erect Image 80400 Electric Auto Track Astronomical Telescope Birdwatching View

Skywatcher Electric Auto Tracking 70900 Electric Astronomical Telescopes

New Style Sky-watcher BK1021EQ3-D Single Tube High Magnification Astronomical Telescope


James Ballard does an excellent job of talking you through each step of the most common aerobatic maneuvers with his great videos listed below. we would like to share his skills to more friends of sdshobby

A great way to learn and perfect these maneuvers without risking your plane is to practice on a RC flight simulator.
Some simulators have built in instructors who will step you through each maneuver. It’s just like having James here at your side stepping you through each aerobatic maneuver as you try them.

Make sure you have plenty of altitude when performing aerobatic flight maneuvers for the first time. These maneuvers may look easy, but the art of RC aerobatics is to execute each maneuver perfectly! A skilled pilot such as James makes it look all too easy. But believe me, it takes tons and tons of practice to execute these maneuvers perfectly.

Aerobatic Loop

The Inside Loop is one of the easiest RC aerobatic maneuvers. While flying into the wind at full throttle, gently apply elevator. Hold the elevator until the airplane rounds the top of the loop and becomes inverted. Cut the throttle to 1/4 or less as the airplane reaches the top of the loop.

Let the airplane free fall downward while holding the elevator. The goal is to reach the bottom of the loop at precisely the place where the airplane entered the loop.

It is very important to cut the throttle at the top of the loop. Many airplanes, especially trainers, are not designed for high G-forces and the wings will fold! Trust me, I learned this lesson the hard way…

Aerobatic Roll

While flying into the wind, apply a touch of elevator while applying either left or right aileron. When the airplane begins to roll you will need to add a touch of opposite rudder to keep the airplane straight. When the airplane becomes inverted you must apply slight down elevator to keep the airplane level.

If you are just learning, rolling with ailerons does not absolutely require opposite rudder. Without rudder input the roll will be “wobbly” and not straight. To perform a perfect barrel roll you will have to practice working the elevator and rudder together as the airplane rolls.

Believe it or not, these videos are actually not real, they’re videos taken from an RC simulator!

Aerobatic hammerhead

The Stall Turn is also known as the “Hammerhead”. Start this maneuver by pulling the airplane into a vertical climb. Cut the throttle completely while applying full rudder. Apply slight down elevator to keep airplane straight as it spins around 180 degrees. Once the airplane has spun around, release the rudder as the airplane enters a dive.

Aerobatic Knife Edge

The Knife Edge maneuver is nothing more than flying the airplane on its side. You begin this maneuver by rolling the airplane onto its side with either left or right aileron. Once on its side, apply elevator in the opposite direction as the aileron was applied.

The rudder is what keeps the airplane in the air at this point. The rudder acts in the same way as the elevator does during level flight.

Aerobatic immelman

The Immelman Turn is an easy aerobatic maneuver. You start by performing a half loop. Apply either left or right aileron once you reach the top of the half loop to roll the airplane right-side-up. Complete this aerobatic RC maneuver by exiting with straight and level flight.

Aerobatic Split S Turn

This RC aerobatic maneuver is just the opposite of the Immelman Turn. Begin this maneuver with straight and level flight. Use the ailerons to roll 180 degrees. Once the airplane is inverted apply up elevator to perform a half loop. Finish this aerobatic RC maneuver by exiting with straight and level flight.

Aerobatic Cuban 8

Begin this RC aerobatic maneuver by performing 2/3 of a loop while headed into the wind. Exit the loop inverted, then roll 180 degrees. Continue into a second 2/3 loop. Exit the loop inverted and roll 180 degrees.

How to Perfect Aerobatic Maneuvers

The best and cheapest way to perfect these aerobatic maneuvers is to invest in a flight simulator.
Although simulators may seem expensive, they will actually save you a lot of money and grief by allowing you to train
your thumbs without putting your model at risk. Think about it, if practicing with a sim saves you just one crashed plane, it’s already paid for itself!

I have the
Phoenix Simulator and love it. I would recommend it to anybody.

Each year simulators get more advanced with better physics and graphics. You can save a fair amount of money by
picking up an older simulator on Ebay. You can’t go wrong with Phoenix or RealFlight. Esky makes a very affordable
low end sim if your strapped for cash.

With the Video show above it is more easy to Learn Skills of Fly Aerobatic Maneuvers from James Ballard

Check more simulator to rc Aerobatic Maneuvers here:http://www.sdshobby.com/Wholesale-Discount-radio-control-system-simulators_c2538.html

Check out Professional designed RC Aircrafts for 3D and precision aerobatics here:http://www.sdshobby.com/Wholesale-Discount-rc-model-airplane_c2240.html


Newsletter of Electric Car RTR

Newsletter of SDSHobby this week is a RC Feast of BMW M3,Saleen S7, Mini cooper, Ford GT, Ferrari Enzo, McLaren F1,12 pcs Firelap 1/28 scale Electric Car RTR;. In 1:28 RC model field, except KYOSHO in Japan, Firelap is the best.

Firelap 1/28 4WD Racing Cars:

Firelap 1/28 4WD Racing Cars

Firelap 1/28 RC BMW M3
Firelap 1/28 RC Saleen S7
Firelap 1/28 RC Mini cooper
Firelap 1/28 RC Ford GT
Firelap 1/28 RC Ferrari Enzo
Firelap 1/28 RC McClaren F1

*Control distance: 150-250metres
*Speed: 5 meters per second
*2.4GHz transmitter (fully equipped for the intensity of competitive racing)
*Functions: forward, backward, turn left/right, drifting.
*Rich in upgrade parts, compatible with kyosho Miniz AWD
*Chassis color optional: yellow, red, white, black, blue (send it out at random)
*Transmitter color optional too,
*Gift upgrade accessories(free): One crash cushion, 4pcs drift tires/4pcs racing tires, three gears, one axle

New Arrival Electric Car RTR with fine exquisite outward appearance, all this rc cars with CE-, Rohs-certified, and now in stock, price is very low.It is sure the new best deal.


On April 30, SDSHobby took a trip to The Hobby Expo China 2012, we are delighted to updated the real-time show and share pictures on the scene with all dears

SDSHOBBY staff at Hobby Expo China 2012

rc crawl
RC Model car buggy

rc model car

racing track


Model Titannic
rc boats

3D aircraft


aglin heli

imax rc


boat accessories


Hobby Expo China 2012

radio control systerm


Range of products on display
Model aircrafts and space models
Model cars
Model trains
Marine models
Scale models
Other models, robots and kites
Radio control equipment
Model engines, electric motors and rockets
Fules, batteries and related apparatus
Model construction tools and apparatus
Model construction materials and paints
Books, magazines and other literatures